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Senior UX Designer STEVEN NARDI
based in Chicago, IL

At the heart of my approach lies a commitment to user-centered design principles. I've leveraged to develop engaging, effective, and efficient digital experiences that resonate with users and drive key business objectives.

Inquisitive and passionate about emerging technology.

I’m Steven Nardi, a Senior UX Designer with over 15 years of hands-on experience in User Experience, Product Analytics, and Strategic Thinking.

Currently, I’m dedicated to learning user experiences that explore AI to enhance data visualization, predictive modeling, and insights for users across various platforms.

For a more comprehensive understanding of my qualifications and career achievements, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Here is a sample of projects I've worked on.

Selected Projects

Hillrom/ Baxter

Website Rebranding & UX Design

Spearheaded a strategic UX/UI enhancements to transform an acquired site into a seamless integration of existing brand standards.


USHP Baxter

Website UX Design

Delivered a new immersive web UX Design experience that will enhance deeper analytics and insights delivered to stakeholders.


Shape King Mobile App

Mobile Game UX Design

Lead the UX Design for this casual gaming experience created in a retro synth wave style. Endless runner based in space. Characters are shapes with different abilities and powers-ups.
Incredible Technologies Corporate Website

Corporate Branding & Web Design

Lead UX Designer for this web experience. I updated the look and feel of the corporate brand to a more modern look.


Golden Tee Mobile App

Mobile Game UX Design

Lead UX Designer for this mobile application, we’ve ported the best selling game to a mobile experience. Helped developed game design applied across the spectrum of available mobile platforms.

A bright future starts with education


DePaul University

Master of Arts M.A.

New Media Studies
Focus on usability and human factors of design, development, and implementation of websites and interactive multimedia.

New Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field that studies the processes and platforms through which digitally-encoded media products (photographs, text, audio, video) operate, circulate and are combined into new media forms, such as web sites, webcasts, interactive games, graphic designs, and sales and technical information.

Columbia College, Chicago

Bachelor of Arts B.A.

Film and Video
Focus on developing team-building, communication, and creative-planning skills that enabled me to lead teams in any creative setting as well as a visual eye and critical thinking.

Skillset One


UX Research
Information Architecture
Usability Testing
Skillset Two


Visual Design
Layout Design
Visual Interface
Responsive Design
Design System
Skillset Three


Goals settings
Workshop prep
Teamwork facilitation
Follow-up actions
Output synthesis
I consistently aim to employ the right techniques and methods to attain the optimal results.

Tools I use

What people Say


Baxter International Inc.

Alan Lopez

Executive Director, Digital Marketing and Brand

Website User Experience Design

Manager - August 2022 - March 2024

Steven was a great asset to our web team at Baxter! He could always be relied on to tackle new challenges with creativity and resolve despite the complexity of our web environment. His can-do attitude, collaborative approach and ability to execute made him a real pleasure to work with. He'd make a great addition to any high performing marketing team.

Alyce Paris

Rene Hamm

Domestic & International Sales Manager

Web & App Development

Manager - December 2009 - January 2012

I had the pleasure to work with Steven Nardi at Alyce Paris. He updated and upgraded our existing website for www.alyceparis.com.Steven designed and developed our first iPhone App. He was able to take on these challenges and surpassed our expectations. Working together on these creative projects was a joy and always got the best of his work!

Plego Technologies

Saad Yusuf

Co-Founder at Plego Technologies/ Skipify.AI

Website Development

Client - December 2009 - January 2012

I've been acquainted with Steven for many years, in his capabilities of a designer. He's easy to work with, thinks creatively, and effectively communicates his ideas. He has my highest endorsement.

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