Incredible Technologies Corporate Website

Lead UX Designer for this web experience. I updated the look and feel of the corporate brand to a more modern look.

  • Company Incredible Technologies
  • Team Web
  • Role Lead UX Designer, Web Designer/ Developer
  • Environment Ruby On Rails
  • Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Ruby On Rails, HTML/CSS
  • Date 2019-present (Ongoing)

Project Goals:
To rebrand, design and develop a new corporate website using modern and up to date style.

Project Deliverables:
Wireframes, high-fidelity mocks, design specs, user interaction flows, UI assets, and coding.

As UX lead and designer for the web department, I worked side-by-side with development team to design, implement and deliver an enhanced website experience across multiple platform. Using a more modern look at feel bringing in more of a flat design and long form web site experience . The corporate website acts as a hub to all of Incredible Technologies’ main product sites.

My responsibilities were for the end-to-end design of the UX across all platforms, including sprites, visual look and feel, page layouts, button shape/color, animations. 

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