Shape King: Run & Dash Mobile Game

Lead UX/ UI Designer on this mobile applications, responsible for look and feel, all visual elements, and user experience. We’ve developed a unique visual style and strategy casual gaming experience.

  • Company Incredible Technologies
  • Team Mobile Dept.
  • Role Lead UX, UX Designer
  • Environment Unity
  • Tools Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Unity, Adobe After effects
  • Date Nov 2020 - Present (on-going) Launched Nov 2022

Project Goals:
To deliver a casual gaming experience that will entertain and keep users coming back for higher scores and more fun.

Project Deliverables:
Wireframes, High-fidelity mocks, designs specs, assets, UX QA

As UX Lead my responsibilities included the initial UX and user flows for the end-to end design, establishing product and design requirements, while working with and guiding developers in completing the CX for edge/error cases, setting the visual language, and providing design documentation.


The visual design of this game in an updated retro version of Synthwave. Utilizing neon, high contrast elements and gridlines. 


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